FISHERY - A creativity based aquarium simulation and management game. Build a complex interdependent ecosystem and watch it thrive.

About the game:
Build an aquatic ecosystem. Nurture your plants and fish. Create unique and beautiful habitats for them to live in.

An ecosystem is a complicated thing. Players must balance all the elements and resources of their aquarium in order to make a self-sustaining habitat for their fish and plants to survive and thrive. This can be done in different and creative ways but take care as nature has a way of self-correcting itself when it is unbalanced.

Create dramatic rocky landscapes, thick aquatic jungle or even a scene showing the rusting carcass of a sunken man-made machine. Every aquarium could tell a visual story. It is up to the player to create the world that in which their fish live.

Every object added to the aquarium will have some effect on the rest of the aquarium. In the natural world everyone depends upon everything else to live. In Fishery you must manage your aquarium's ecosystem, keeping your fish and plants healthy and happy.


Content Updates

Soon here will show up future updates.



Early Access



Features Overview

The current Early Access Alpha version of FISHERY contains the following features.

Aquarium Simulation: The biological happenings inside an aquarium are complex and delicately balanced. There are many layers of simulation and all are interconnected. You will need to maintain the needs the of fish and plants while keeping the water clean. Keep a balance of temperature, oxygen, nutrients and more in order to keep everything working in perfect harmony. Or you can neglect it and let it turn into a bucket of toxic sludge.

Interior Design: Our fish are happiest when their habitat is nicely decorated. Populate the aquarium with various plants, rocks, pieces of driftwood and an assortment of ornaments.

Sculpting: An aquarium does not just have water in it. Shape the earth to create a dramatic miniature landscape

Development Roadmap

We have many things planned for Fishery. We are planning monthly content updates as well as new features and as many high priority bug fixes as possible. This roadmap is going to increase in size as development goes on as we get feedback and ideas from players.



Circle of life:

A breeding system will be implemented that allows fish to reproduce. All fish species can potentially breed with each other if the conditions are right. This will lead to the discovery/creation of new fish species that are a happy mixture of the two parent species.


Arrrrgh matey!:

A large pack of new decorations and ornaments that have a pirate theme to them.



Players who don't keep their aquariums clean will allow for the spread of disease. These diseases can infect plants or fish and create some rather unfortunate outcomes.


Substrate update:

New substrate materials will be added. Aside from the default sand. Player's landscapes can now be made of other materials such as gravel, natural mud, crushed shells and a few surprises.




A themed content update containing everything to do with underwater man-made vehicular wreckage.


Ancient ruins:

This themed content update comes with lots of ancient artefacts and architectural pieces that will allow players to build the ruins of a lost civilisation into their aquarium.



This is quite a large update which will allow players to create a tropical aquarium which contains plants, fish, coral and other organisms from warmer climates.



Plant update 1:

Larger variety of plants and other photosynthesising organisms.


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